Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day and WELCOMe day 14

I think I was off on my Days lol...

OOps I was at my weight in last night and they told me CONGRADS on your TWO WEEK mark so that makes...well 14 days lol!

GOod NEws
I am 10LBS lighter!!!
(i know its probably just water weight...but it is still weight!)

NOW i have to REALLY step it up because I know its not going to be as easy to loose the other 30 lbs
(which is okay..I am starting to really love this!)

SO its St. Patricks DAY!
Here is a special SUPRIse I did for my Kiddos THis AM.
(by am....i mean 4:45 am...thanks a lot hubby wink wink)
they loved it!
(I am not the best cook as you can tell it went from burnt to normal lol!)

What are YOUR food Favorites FOr St. PATRICKS DAY??

* I am going to eat all greens today...a women at the Jenny Craig place gave me that Idea and well heck I am going to have the girls HELp me in Making THis FUN Green Feast for Dinner!
(Thinking green beans fresh, asparagus, Grilled sirloin steak on a green salad and for dessert green sorbet!)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breakfast oF Champs...and well a lunch too day 11

SO i was getting board of my breakfast and was googling/blogging around and found a great NEW breakfast idea

(okay well new to me any way!)
and i am sure you are all sick of hearing about the plain breakfast i eat everyday..I am.

here is a small example of what they have to offer and how good it actually is for you.

which is great since i have to and WANT to count my calories this cereal will help me switch it up a bit!

YAHOO go cereal!!!!
And good news if my Kids can make it themselves online...that is more incentive for them to eat HEALTHY cereal..they wont even know!

(yes i understand i DO only by good snacks and food for the kids just like myself but they are not a HUGE fan of it...this will make it more KID friendly if ya know what i mean)

As for SOme Good FOODs i made Yesterday..

steamed veggies...small   size of wild rice (maybe 2 spoon fulls) and a nice 1/2 piece of salmon
perfecto! ( I EVEN DID THIS MYSELF!!)

farewell to my idea of frozen lunch yesterday thank you SPROUTS for letting me be creative!

happy Wednesday!

 Have you tried that cereal before?? what is YOUR cereal of choice?

* i love Oats  cereal lol...I not sure why but not a big fan of sugar cereal..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh what Mess welcome Day 10

...I don't know what is worse...

Running out the door this AM...forgetting my deodorant or forgetting to brush my teeth...
I am going to die....I have dodged just about every face contact this morning waiting for lunch so I can head on over to the nearest store and purchase a toothbrush..toothpaste...and deodorant.

Amazing though how i had time to turn on the coffee maker..

(funny how it worked my breath is twice as bad...HATING IT!)

After I freshen up I will enjoy A perfect proportion of

yes....I was having a tough time with just eating CHicken Salad and what not so I am putting together all your Bloggers recipe's and for the mean time....sticking to what I know is the right amount for me (well right now at least)

PHEWww...and all that AWESOME chicken my husbando Made I will enjoy for dinners and well some lunches too.

My weigh in is TOMORROW....Holding my breath I feel I did good this week...I don't weigh myself at home because i don't want to become obsessed with the scale.

Okay be honest...Have you forgot to brush your teeth in AM before? whats the worst thing you forgot to do?

*today was the worst but yesterday i was driving to work and still had one kid in the car lol! I had to turn around luckly it was close to school still!

Monday, March 14, 2011

oH WOW meal planning on my own...

not so sure I Was REady for THIS...

I have BEEN a mess with learning this stuff and lets just say thanks to my husband he has been a great HELP.
(prepares my lunch for me ahead of time...this is for the whole week)
not sure if I really want chicken the whole week...but who can complain ...he is really helping with it!

SInce HE was the only help this week...because I know i was no help to myself.

this time change this AM was killer!!!

I know i need to get my hair done...REALLY BAD!

here is me hiding my actually doing my hair.

(dont mind the double little chin....that is part of this project)

This was my achievement this AM

there is NO hiding my roots there!

Oh well I am hoping to get an appointment Saturday... I was going to wait until I loose 10 lbs but by that time I am sure my husbando would have left me.

This MOrning I was able to EAT

a yogurt

and for snack i found myself some good old school lunch favorites..

applesauce and crackers

oh boy!
I will be blog hopping and writing down all the goods i see now that i am in charge of my jenny diet!

*how was your morning Rise??? Did the time change effect you?

Thursday, March 10, 2011


ONLY had to skip day Seven Because ....well i will let you sEE...

It started off as one of those days...

RUNNING late as after tossing my kiddos out of the caR, I hurried into work..

ONly TO realize that I have to Leave Half day for my kiddo's Girl scouts.


i WALKED Into a MESS.. well lets just say A LOT of work for a small amount of time.

Since...I didn't get to eat breakfast I shoved a light and fit yogurt down my throat so i can get all this stuff done...

 I looked at the Clock...
DARN! I have to get out of here!!! I still didn't have anything I needed for the meeting SO I figured I can run through Joannes and Grab some stuff...until I found the line.

Who the HECK is shopping at Joannes in the middle of the day???? REALLY there was like 30 people in LINE!
(to be honest..i felt like pushing them all out of the way I only had 30 minutes now to get across town..waiting was not in my timeline. (okay i wouldn't push the kid))

Phew made it out with 15 minutes to go across town... (which is normally 45 min)

Darn I forgot eat LUNCH!

so i ate it in the car lol....the people were SO starring when i was taking HUGE bites lol and having spinach hanging from my mouth ..oh well at least it was healthy.

I arrived. We had fun...I went to leave to pick up kiddo number two and then i had my first "REAL" weigh in at Jenny Craig...

But i was not going to drive all the way home then back so we waited outside in the parking lot..

MY daughter found some unique things shoved in the car such as...

these snoopy socks from our trip to Arrowhead during Christmas.
(okay...i do YES need to go through my car asap)

We finally got out and as i Shoved some more food in my mouth (2 cracker sandwiches..which i was not sure when they were left in the car..since they are processed i didnt care and they were wrapped lol) I went in with my head held HIGH and braced for the worst...

BUT LEFT with the BEST i lost 5 lbs in the first week!


after that day...I went home and quickly fell asleep!

DO you ever HAve CRAZy days where you have to eat in your car??? What is the weirdest Thing YOU ate in YOUR Car?

*the chicken salad yesterday...I would just drive and stick my fork in it lol hoping to get the lettuce!

hahahh have a great day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 6... Jenny I found MY PROBLEM!

It wasn't until I actually LEFT the house/office and had my first weekend with "Jenny" to make me realized that I LOVE food!
and I am a STRESS eater!

First off Saturday I woke up fine...

Felt GREAT...then I had a stressful situation happen (long story..and sure the person would not like for me to blog about it lol!)
ANyWHo I wanted CHIPS, BIG ICE BLENDED MOCHA, something....

and when i went to reach for it...I caught myself ah ha I am a

STRESS (emotional) EATER!
It was hard...I really mean HARD! If it weren't for me eating TWO of the ANYTIME Bars (which are chocolate and peanut butter flavor...I would have failed)

But I made it through and to say i lost 3 lbs already!


we all headed out to Disneyland..
on the way out we stopped by MC DONALD'S
(real mean of my husband right!)

Here came my moment of truth....WHat will I do!
thank GOd i had this cheat sheet...

and i was able to order this YUMMY grilled Chicken with Bacon Ranch (minus the ranch) salad Yummmm

(I cut up the chicken small so it would add flavor to the whole salad since i didn't have any dressing)

This actually filled me up for a LONG time!!

UNTIL i faced my next battle..

(how can you not want one was hot out and that ice cream was just staring at me as my kiddo was taking a nice big bite off the ear..)
ahhhh Big Pink greatness!

So as my family taunted me I ate SLOWLY my Air POP CORN!

and my cravings passed me by. 

I am just hoping that next weekend is not as tempting!

Happy Tuesday!

*What is your down fall??? ANything Make YOU want to Grab it out of someone elses hands and shove it in your face lol??

* that darn mickey ice cream...I think I had a dream about it later that night ; )

Friday, March 4, 2011

day 2 Jenny Craig

and its actually feeling


I have yet to use the website Jenny Craig... but might need to sometime soon

since i am NEW at this WHOle thing its TAKING a lot for me to realize that i had a eating problem..

HI MY name is Brittany...." I am a CARB-O-HOLIC" lol

WEll good NEWs is that the food they have me eating right now is AWESOME!
I feel my pants already downsizing..
(well not really but will soon!)

TOMORROW is my first WEigh in (not like two days does a whole lot)

Here is what I ate for Lunch

Since I didnt have any fruits for veggies left yesterday.... I was suppose to go to the store and well life got in the way lol so i do HAVE to go tomorrow!

With this I have my ANYTIME Bar
(which when I stop eating the Jenny food....I will conitue with those they taste great and fill me UP!)


whats in your lunch bag today??

Thursday, March 3, 2011

eyes are bigger than..

your STOMACH...

that is So TRUE!!!!

Today's LUnch with Jenny Craig I had a BLT Panani....and it looks like this..

(so the 1960's plates are from work lol...don't judge)

BUT from MY EYES prospective...The sandwich looked like this...

Looks so SMALL and SAD...lonly sandwich!

WEll the lonely part is my fault since I went late last night for a meeting I had not time to go to the store YET. Will make some time tonight : ) !

I was still a little HUNGRY but luckily I get to have  a SNACK!

it was PERFECT...I am so filled! good thing too because my eyes were a little skeptical!

so far so good and believe it or not it all taste REALLY good!

I most definitely need some fruit and veggies so off to the store tonight

*Anyone ever try Jenny Craig before?? did it work?

Farewell ....

37 lbs! I tried tackling you alone....DIDN'T work.

Tried HIDING you behind clothes...DIDN'T WORK.

Tried HIDING behind PHOTOS ....Still didn't work...NOW...


; )

after really dragging my feet...I knew i needed a person to help me get thought hubby is awesome but he has a lot going on to help me through this journey (even though i can use him as a cheerleader!)

Learned a LOT at my first one on one session!

I am starting as 159lbs (average weight for girl my height and age  112lbs-147lbs)
GOAL weight : 122lbs (not too skinny and not too round..well for myself at least!)

my starting BMI is 27 (average for a girl my age...18-24)

SO now you know my starting weight and NOW you will see me slowly get to my GOAL.

HOW Does it WORK??

Easy. (okay well not really but basic..)

You don't HAVE to buy their food!!!
(i choose to for everything but breakfast because i pretty much got that down!)

they base it on everything from daily activity to your habits and so on...

First thing first...

total...190 calories
(good start and i had a half a banana)
this is going to be hard because normally i DON'T eat this much and that is where I am having my problem..

Not enough in so i shut down my SYSTEM
; )

well see ya at lunch!

What do you eat for breakfast??? Whats your favorite meal of the day??

*favorite meal....DINNER! i get to see the whole family sitting around and talk : )!

PS i was gone for work ..back now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wheres the Granola Chewy BAR?

because this kid needed one!!!

YOU know that commercial when kids start to talk the "Truth" and an adult hands over the Chewy Granola Bar???

WELL lets just say this kid needed one...because I WAS HURT!!!!
(well I know it was the truth...but still)

As picking up my Kiddo #2 yesterday at preschool I walked in and only to have this young little boy run up to me and say MOMMY i Laughed and said OKAY i will take you home then he said OH good!

"ARE you having A BABY??" as he was touching my fat on my stomach.....YA. I know right!!!
My face turned WHITE.

I said NO! he said looks like your having a BABY!

(I had tears. HE dosent know better and I know I am trying to get rid of it but still I was sad.)


I worked out twice as hard last night and
this morning

doubled up on my excerises!

COFFEE?? NOPE I kicked that habit this morning and did straight Juice it up with just blueberries, bananna and no added jucies just a splash of SOY!


(lol) but hey he helped me step out of my rut lol!


DId you eveR have a CHEWY granola bar moment??

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


as LOOKing to fIND NEW and exciting things to EAt to keep me HEalthy I came across a feW that left ME with a PUZZLed LOOK...what are they thinking ...

WOuld I try it ??
(PS ... i am still sick so trying to read and post today sorry about yest!!)

Pizza in a Cone

This looks good but yet really cheezy!!!!

my husband would be in LOVE!

Cheesburger anyone???

it comes in a can...!

How about another CANned ITEM??


with all these weird foods i saw a resturant that made me really think "ummm no thanks!"

NOW what would you do? Would you try it ...would you eat at that resturant ??
*the thought of sitting on a pot while eating I just can't do it lol!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots OF love

Hubby and I don't really "DO" the whole Valentines day THINg.
SO it was not that SAD
when he had class he had to go to straight after work yesterday.
INSTEAD the KIDDOS and I had a fun, unique vday together.
Starting with this awesome PASTA we found
(okay ya i know pasta is HORRIBLE for me! but it was VDAY!)

can you see it...

here is a closer look

HEART SHAPED PASTA NOODLES!! we found this pasta at World Market!!! Ahhh I love that store...but I can blog about that another day ; )

after adding some great sauce (the pink know you mix the Alfredo with the marinara and you get PINK! my kids that was AMAZING)

turned out great and we snuggled up I asked them where would YOU like to eat our dinner tonight? "LIVING ROOM!!!!!!" which is NEVER but last night it was okay...we sat and talked about all the cool cards and candies they got and enjoyed a little girl time : ) !

TO MY SURPRISE this morning the hubby (even though i made it clear) broke the rule and bought some flowers for us girls and cards for us all ...what a sweet heart.

NOW for today...extra work out gotta get those carbs away!
going to go running tonight...keep ya posted tomorrow...

DO you celebrate Valentines day??? Did you do anything creative?

Monday, February 14, 2011

U name it

we HAd IT!


WE got the Flu..
(by we I mean me, hubby and kiddo #2 ...kiddo #1 was healthy as a bee)

What is it LIKE being a MOM and sick ???
(some might wonder...others such as moms might laugh because well we all been through this)

Dino's enter your bed when your not looking...only to comfort the little ones...

about 18 hours of cartoons only because its the only thing that will keep your sick kid from laying with you while you try to recover...

Besides having Day quillto get Kiddo #1 to school on time we had night quill to ignore the constant coughing of Kiddo #2 all night...(well my hubby did...i just can't do that)
Then as your Doped up on your MEDS.
YOU decide that you should Try to work out because your mom sends you this quote:
“Don’t wait to feel better to go to the gym, go to the gym to feel better.”
WRONG! so WRONG. I felt good while doing it but surly after  my body disagreed so then...

 you try to find something else to well keep them sitting MANY Games of memory...oh so MANY. 

BUT any who the best part of being sick with the KIDDOs is that you get some EXTRA quality time with them ...EVEn the HUBBY. (WHO didn't want to be photographed due to sickness lol!)
Kiddo #1 was SUCH a great help I even stuck it out and took her to her gymnastics class!
(no one sat next to me...)

ANd to SAY thank you TO her we bought some SKInny COW ice Cream sandwiches ...which was a real blessing because we were SO sick of soup and Popsicles lol!

After having that week ... I am ready for this week and to SAY I LOVE you to MY favorite PEOPLE my family!!!!


Whats your SICK days LIKE?? do you work out still when your sick?
*i did...two days in a row...i felt to bad the last 2 days so i couldn't do it. But it did help for a small time....very small.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A nice Frozen Treat

For US in CAlifornia some days are NOt always 75 with a slight breeze (though a lot of days are...sorry)

YEsterday I was sTUFFED so I had left my EXTra Emergency Banana in the CAR
(actually I truly forgot it was in there..)

SO thiS morning As I ran out the door and REALIZEd I forgot Breakfast (as usual!)

I thought YAHOO I have my BANANAS!!!!

HIt the ROad then OPened my Tasty BReakfast to only Realize

it was frozen.... (well pretty close to it!)

SO after I was licking IT because I LOVE FROZEN bananas
(I saw how not so great that probably looks to others viewing inside my car...they didn't know it was frozen like me LOL)

SO I took a bite... I was good but didn't really fill me up thiS am

WEnt to WORK and MAde some

tasty oatmeal!
That HIT the SPOT!!!

OH well this has nothing to do with anything BUT lol...I seem to have a PRETTY bad COFFEE mug COllection IN my CAR!!!!(how did it get like this from yesterday to this morning...I am not sure)

BUT I see cleaning my car in my near future (like tomorrow!) and return the Redbox movie that has been sitting there for 3 days lol!
cant stand driving while its dirty inside.

What IS COllectING in YOUR CAR??

* Right now my collection is COFFEE MUGS!!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

and then there were three...

But that's Not What happened this morning...

I am having Some Trouble. Well not really Trouble But this *TINY person* (kiddo #2) to be exact has been sleep walking into our bed EVERY NIGHT...for the last 4 years!!! we pick her up ..we carry her back to bed... then somehow in the AM i See I am snuggling up to her not my HUSBANDO.


I love it and all but 4 YEARS!!!! i need one night of uninterrupted sleep!

I know this is not true BUT... I am going to blame her for 20% of my weight gain LOL!
(think about it...lack of sleep...causes you to over eat and be unhealthy right!)


This AM i was not able to budge I got up and made coffee instead of working out SO tonight will be my work out I am thinking of going on a nice walk/jog get outside and get some fresh air!

LUNCH today...

wheres the beef!
(lammme i know but had to do it!)

Quick and easy also not too bad on calories and fat

SO any good IDeas on getting rid of RATHER large BED bugs??? (smile)

* I am lost for words...i need sleep so I give up the second time, ah man gotta fix it asap!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


(okay if you don't know that song this title then looks lame.)

; )



i WAS READY TO face THE day!

since I am trying to ease my stomach I thought it would be best to do something with less veggies today and more PROTEIN!

First my Pita bread
Then some  Trader Joe's powder peanut butter

its packaged nicer at the store but well that just turns into a great mess so i store it

; )

you just add  a small amount of water and
TADDA!!!!(I love that word more time TADDA!!!!!)

made my self a nice Pita Peanut butter sandwich
(well minus the sandwich part.)

What type of Peanut butter do you use??

*I am IN LOVE with peanut butter...I could eat the whole jar! so anywho I decided to go with the Trader Joe's Peanut butter its less calories and fat!