Thursday, March 3, 2011

Farewell ....

37 lbs! I tried tackling you alone....DIDN'T work.

Tried HIDING you behind clothes...DIDN'T WORK.

Tried HIDING behind PHOTOS ....Still didn't work...NOW...


; )

after really dragging my feet...I knew i needed a person to help me get thought hubby is awesome but he has a lot going on to help me through this journey (even though i can use him as a cheerleader!)

Learned a LOT at my first one on one session!

I am starting as 159lbs (average weight for girl my height and age  112lbs-147lbs)
GOAL weight : 122lbs (not too skinny and not too round..well for myself at least!)

my starting BMI is 27 (average for a girl my age...18-24)

SO now you know my starting weight and NOW you will see me slowly get to my GOAL.

HOW Does it WORK??

Easy. (okay well not really but basic..)

You don't HAVE to buy their food!!!
(i choose to for everything but breakfast because i pretty much got that down!)

they base it on everything from daily activity to your habits and so on...

First thing first...

total...190 calories
(good start and i had a half a banana)
this is going to be hard because normally i DON'T eat this much and that is where I am having my problem..

Not enough in so i shut down my SYSTEM
; )

well see ya at lunch!

What do you eat for breakfast??? Whats your favorite meal of the day??

*favorite meal....DINNER! i get to see the whole family sitting around and talk : )!

PS i was gone for work ..back now!


  1. Good luck! You go! I usually eat yogurt or granola for breakfast depending on my mood.

  2. breakfast and dessert my two favorite..
    breakfast is oatmeal and yougurt mixed together with a chopped up half frozen banana....cinnamon too
    good luck, it will be fun watching your should take pics of each 10lbs you lose!

  3. Breakfast was 1/2 cup annies mac and cheese, 1/2 an english muffin w/ almond butter and a pear.

    definitely cant skip breakfast.. you need your 3 starches, 1 fat, 1 protein, a fruit, and a dairy to rev up the metabolism.


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