Monday, March 14, 2011

oH WOW meal planning on my own...

not so sure I Was REady for THIS...

I have BEEN a mess with learning this stuff and lets just say thanks to my husband he has been a great HELP.
(prepares my lunch for me ahead of time...this is for the whole week)
not sure if I really want chicken the whole week...but who can complain ...he is really helping with it!

SInce HE was the only help this week...because I know i was no help to myself.

this time change this AM was killer!!!

I know i need to get my hair done...REALLY BAD!

here is me hiding my actually doing my hair.

(dont mind the double little chin....that is part of this project)

This was my achievement this AM

there is NO hiding my roots there!

Oh well I am hoping to get an appointment Saturday... I was going to wait until I loose 10 lbs but by that time I am sure my husbando would have left me.

This MOrning I was able to EAT

a yogurt

and for snack i found myself some good old school lunch favorites..

applesauce and crackers

oh boy!
I will be blog hopping and writing down all the goods i see now that i am in charge of my jenny diet!

*how was your morning Rise??? Did the time change effect you?


  1. You're going to feel so great after the appt! Glad you're not waiting. :)

  2. I get up it just seems earlier!

  3. The time change for Sunday morning wasn't bad, but getting up this morning was a bear.

  4. so nice that your hubs is helping you! yes this morning was awful-yikes it was pitch black out.

  5. I haven't had applesause in a long time,I always rather eat the apple,more chewing involved


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