Thursday, March 3, 2011

eyes are bigger than..

your STOMACH...

that is So TRUE!!!!

Today's LUnch with Jenny Craig I had a BLT Panani....and it looks like this..

(so the 1960's plates are from work lol...don't judge)

BUT from MY EYES prospective...The sandwich looked like this...

Looks so SMALL and SAD...lonly sandwich!

WEll the lonely part is my fault since I went late last night for a meeting I had not time to go to the store YET. Will make some time tonight : ) !

I was still a little HUNGRY but luckily I get to have  a SNACK!

it was PERFECT...I am so filled! good thing too because my eyes were a little skeptical!

so far so good and believe it or not it all taste REALLY good!

I most definitely need some fruit and veggies so off to the store tonight

*Anyone ever try Jenny Craig before?? did it work?


  1. Keep after it, and you'll meet your goal!

  2. I only heard about the tv stars who did it...but the food looks good!

  3. I've never tried Jenny Craig before, but I'm on weight watchers!

  4. hey beautiful! thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. just read your posts - you are amazing! it's incredible how much you are doing for yourself and your health! you go girl!


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