Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breakfast oF Champs...and well a lunch too day 11

SO i was getting board of my breakfast and was googling/blogging around and found a great NEW breakfast idea

(okay well new to me any way!)
and i am sure you are all sick of hearing about the plain breakfast i eat everyday..I am.

here is a small example of what they have to offer and how good it actually is for you.

which is great since i have to and WANT to count my calories this cereal will help me switch it up a bit!

YAHOO go cereal!!!!
And good news if my Kids can make it themselves online...that is more incentive for them to eat HEALTHY cereal..they wont even know!

(yes i understand i DO only by good snacks and food for the kids just like myself but they are not a HUGE fan of it...this will make it more KID friendly if ya know what i mean)

As for SOme Good FOODs i made Yesterday..

steamed veggies...small   size of wild rice (maybe 2 spoon fulls) and a nice 1/2 piece of salmon
perfecto! ( I EVEN DID THIS MYSELF!!)

farewell to my idea of frozen lunch yesterday thank you SPROUTS for letting me be creative!

happy Wednesday!

 Have you tried that cereal before?? what is YOUR cereal of choice?

* i love Oats  cereal lol...I not sure why but not a big fan of sugar cereal..


  1. I love cereal that is the problem.
    That puffin cereal is so good,can't have that at my house.
    I go for the oatmeal dry mixed with greek yogurt.
    never tried the cereal you posted

  2. you are a rockstar! I've been eating lots of muesli lately :) and tea!

  3. I haven't ever gotta Me & Goji serious but I love the concept of "making" your own! :)

  4. I love the idea of making your own cereal. What a concept! My favorite cereal is cinnamon toast crunch but I haven't had it in years!

  5. those all sound GOOD!!! oh yes Anne my kids favorite....Cinnamon Toast Crunch..YUM (I have to say i might have had a bowl or two recently lol...well before the whole Jenny thing lol)

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