Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh what Mess welcome Day 10

...I don't know what is worse...

Running out the door this AM...forgetting my deodorant or forgetting to brush my teeth...
I am going to die....I have dodged just about every face contact this morning waiting for lunch so I can head on over to the nearest store and purchase a toothbrush..toothpaste...and deodorant.

Amazing though how i had time to turn on the coffee maker..

(funny how it worked out...now my breath is twice as bad...HATING IT!)

After I freshen up I will enjoy A perfect proportion of

yes....I was having a tough time with just eating CHicken Salad and what not so I am putting together all your Bloggers recipe's and for the mean time....sticking to what I know is the right amount for me (well right now at least)

PHEWww...and all that AWESOME chicken my husbando Made I will enjoy for dinners and well some lunches too.

My weigh in is TOMORROW....Holding my breath I feel I did good this week...I don't weigh myself at home because i don't want to become obsessed with the scale.

Okay be honest...Have you forgot to brush your teeth in AM before? whats the worst thing you forgot to do?

*today was the worst but yesterday i was driving to work and still had one kid in the car lol! I had to turn around luckly it was close to school still!


  1. I forgot the deotorant once as I thought I had used it, realized I didn't, not a good thing.
    I'm sure once you are used to the time change things will slow down for you!

  2. I have forgotten to brush my teeth more times than I should ever admit publicly. But, well, I did.
    Glad you're back on track, lady :)

  3. I have forgot on the weekends. It grosses me out though!

  4. gum is a good replacer!


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