Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 6... Jenny I found MY PROBLEM!

It wasn't until I actually LEFT the house/office and had my first weekend with "Jenny" to make me realized that I LOVE food!
and I am a STRESS eater!

First off Saturday I woke up fine...

Felt GREAT...then I had a stressful situation happen (long story..and sure the person would not like for me to blog about it lol!)
ANyWHo I wanted CHIPS, BIG ICE BLENDED MOCHA, something....

and when i went to reach for it...I caught myself ah ha I am a

STRESS (emotional) EATER!
It was hard...I really mean HARD! If it weren't for me eating TWO of the ANYTIME Bars (which are chocolate and peanut butter flavor...I would have failed)

But I made it through and to say i lost 3 lbs already!


we all headed out to Disneyland..
on the way out we stopped by MC DONALD'S
(real mean of my husband right!)

Here came my moment of truth....WHat will I do!
thank GOd i had this cheat sheet...

and i was able to order this YUMMY grilled Chicken with Bacon Ranch (minus the ranch) salad Yummmm

(I cut up the chicken small so it would add flavor to the whole salad since i didn't have any dressing)

This actually filled me up for a LONG time!!

UNTIL i faced my next battle..

(how can you not want one ...it was hot out and that ice cream was just staring at me as my kiddo was taking a nice big bite off the ear..)
ahhhh Big Pink greatness!

So as my family taunted me I ate SLOWLY my Air POP CORN!

and my cravings passed me by. 

I am just hoping that next weekend is not as tempting!

Happy Tuesday!

*What is your down fall??? ANything Make YOU want to Grab it out of someone elses hands and shove it in your face lol??

* that darn mickey ice cream...I think I had a dream about it later that night ; )


  1. Congrats on losing the 3 pounds! It sounds like you are doing great--especially since you are conscious of your tendency towards stress eating! :)

  2. I eat apples or carrots when I feel stressed, it's that xtra chewing!

  3. thanks Stefanie...I really didnt think i had a problem lol..now i know!
    annonymous- funny you say that i brought a serving of carrots today...just incase!

  4. Congrats on the loss! My downfall is peanut butter!

  5. anne- yes peanut butter!!!! YUMM lol!

  6. Congrats on your progress!

    I've found that not carrying much cash, and not paying for meals with a credit card goes a long way toward limiting what and how much I eat when I'm out and about.


  7. Hmmmm I have lots of down falls~ pasta, donuts, ice cream... the list goes on! Luckily when I'm super busy I forget about food!

  8. U should be proud of yourself for losing three lbs!!! I think thats awesome!!!!!

    My downfall is when I drink, I want bad eats! lol!

  9. I have a sweet tooth, so I try to feed it only after dinner.

  10. Congrats- 3 pounds down! Nachos. I will grab nachos out of someone's hands and devour them. YUM.

  11. you are definitely a stronger person than I! I cannot pass up mcdonalds!!


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