Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lots OF love

Hubby and I don't really "DO" the whole Valentines day THINg.
SO it was not that SAD
when he had class he had to go to straight after work yesterday.
INSTEAD the KIDDOS and I had a fun, unique vday together.
Starting with this awesome PASTA we found
(okay ya i know pasta is HORRIBLE for me! but it was VDAY!)

can you see it...

here is a closer look

HEART SHAPED PASTA NOODLES!! we found this pasta at World Market!!! Ahhh I love that store...but I can blog about that another day ; )

after adding some great sauce (the pink sauce...you know you mix the Alfredo with the marinara and you get PINK!...to my kids that was AMAZING)

turned out great and we snuggled up I asked them where would YOU like to eat our dinner tonight? "LIVING ROOM!!!!!!" which is NEVER but last night it was okay...we sat and talked about all the cool cards and candies they got and enjoyed a little girl time : ) !

TO MY SURPRISE this morning the hubby (even though i made it clear) broke the rule and bought some flowers for us girls and cards for us all ...what a sweet heart.

NOW for today...extra work out gotta get those carbs away!
going to go running tonight...keep ya posted tomorrow...

DO you celebrate Valentines day??? Did you do anything creative?


  1. nothing creative!!! just made choc dipped strawberries :) I heart those heart noodles!

  2. such cute hearts!
    my hubby made salmon and we had a candlelit dinner at the table- which we never do..it's the opposite of you...we usually do the tv!

  3. I love your pasta with pink sauce. I'm going to have to look for those now as I know my kids would love them too. Getting them to eat a healthy meal these days is like pulling teeth...sigh. What tricks us moms have to go through sometimes eh? How sweet of your hubby. Glad you all enjoyed a great Valentine's Day.

  4. Sounds like you found a great time to bond with your girls, that is always nice:)

  5. Oh my gosh - that pasta is so cute! The hubby and I spent a quiet night at home. It was nice!


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