Monday, February 14, 2011

U name it

we HAd IT!


WE got the Flu..
(by we I mean me, hubby and kiddo #2 ...kiddo #1 was healthy as a bee)

What is it LIKE being a MOM and sick ???
(some might wonder...others such as moms might laugh because well we all been through this)

Dino's enter your bed when your not looking...only to comfort the little ones...

about 18 hours of cartoons only because its the only thing that will keep your sick kid from laying with you while you try to recover...

Besides having Day quillto get Kiddo #1 to school on time we had night quill to ignore the constant coughing of Kiddo #2 all night...(well my hubby did...i just can't do that)
Then as your Doped up on your MEDS.
YOU decide that you should Try to work out because your mom sends you this quote:
“Don’t wait to feel better to go to the gym, go to the gym to feel better.”
WRONG! so WRONG. I felt good while doing it but surly after  my body disagreed so then...

 you try to find something else to well keep them sitting MANY Games of memory...oh so MANY. 

BUT any who the best part of being sick with the KIDDOs is that you get some EXTRA quality time with them ...EVEn the HUBBY. (WHO didn't want to be photographed due to sickness lol!)
Kiddo #1 was SUCH a great help I even stuck it out and took her to her gymnastics class!
(no one sat next to me...)

ANd to SAY thank you TO her we bought some SKInny COW ice Cream sandwiches ...which was a real blessing because we were SO sick of soup and Popsicles lol!

After having that week ... I am ready for this week and to SAY I LOVE you to MY favorite PEOPLE my family!!!!


Whats your SICK days LIKE?? do you work out still when your sick?
*i did...two days in a row...i felt to bad the last 2 days so i couldn't do it. But it did help for a small time....very small.


  1. My kids were good also when I got sick...I think they got to do things in the house that they didn't get to do if I wasn't sick...sneaky kids

  2. Glad you are feeling better, I only work out if I feel like I can and I usually feel better too.( unless super sick..then NO)
    Happy Valentines day to you!

  3. Hope you all feel better and back to your selves again soon. My girl is sick today and missing het first Valentine's party at school. So right about the many, many games of memory! Try to have a happy Valentine's Day, dear.

  4. I've always found that getting a good swim practice in when I'm sick helps greatly. Between the humidity to help me breathe, the chlorine to help eradicate whatever germs have come along for the ride, and the workout to get blood flowing, it typically culminates in a tired body that is able to get some much needed sleep. It works for me. Cheers!

  5. i hope you are feeling better!! since i take every excuse to not work out, i def don't when i'm sick, haha :)

  6. thanks everyone getting better slowly .....


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