Thursday, February 3, 2011

and then there were three...

But that's Not What happened this morning...

I am having Some Trouble. Well not really Trouble But this *TINY person* (kiddo #2) to be exact has been sleep walking into our bed EVERY NIGHT...for the last 4 years!!! we pick her up ..we carry her back to bed... then somehow in the AM i See I am snuggling up to her not my HUSBANDO.


I love it and all but 4 YEARS!!!! i need one night of uninterrupted sleep!

I know this is not true BUT... I am going to blame her for 20% of my weight gain LOL!
(think about it...lack of sleep...causes you to over eat and be unhealthy right!)


This AM i was not able to budge I got up and made coffee instead of working out SO tonight will be my work out I am thinking of going on a nice walk/jog get outside and get some fresh air!

LUNCH today...

wheres the beef!
(lammme i know but had to do it!)

Quick and easy also not too bad on calories and fat

SO any good IDeas on getting rid of RATHER large BED bugs??? (smile)

* I am lost for words...i need sleep so I give up the second time, ah man gotta fix it asap!


  1. Sorry about your bed bugs. We had that problem up until about 3 years ago when I met my husband. He didn't want to climb into bed with me AND the kids. We got them new beds and put them in them at 8pm. They could read, etc. but could not get out of bed until the AM. It took a month but it worked. Good luck!

  2. I never had that problem..probably as i'm a bed HOG..and they would be rolled off!

  3. Lol! Too funny, but not really. Oh you poor thing :( We usually end up carrying ours back to her room when she falls asleep in our bed. Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

  4. Sleep? What sleep? Isn't that what caffeine and sugar were invented for?


    You'll figure something out.

  5. That is so crazy but I have no advice at all!! It's kind of cute though!

  6. : ) thanks everyone LOL! guess we will just wait it out ...if she was 15 then i would start to worry!


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