Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What was I thinking!

well...to be honest I remembered but for some reason I must have thought i got some super cool fighting powers that beat all doctors odds!
(well its my favorite Veggie!!)

This VEGGIE was RAW Broccoli
Yep you heard me...I cannot eat RAW broccoli but what did i do yesterday ...ATE just about a WHOLE bag of it to be exact.

And as the pain grew MORE and MORE
It felt as if I had a MINI Rambo shoved inside my stomach.
and we all know Rambo can do some serious damage.

I was in great pain making dinner (hubby was at class) so I decided to take it easy and make the girls some soup

What kind of soup did THIS bright lady make?

Broccoli potato Cheddar
ya ya ya i know what was i thinking...it wasn't until after I ate the whole bowl I realized not only do I now how Rambo ripping apart my insides his little friend...
unkie chuckie decided to join in.
( I only know that lingo because well brought up with boys lol!)

SO A few (TONS) of MOANS and GROANS later

MY husband had no pity for me I woke up this morning feeling A HECK of a LOT better...and realized that unless I am UP for some MORE crime fighting action in my stomach I better NEVER touch RAW broccoli again.

...or at least for a while ; )

This morning...no exercise but will have to do it tonight! I did however get a Cottage cheese to go. and that is good for me I not feeling it this morning!

DO you ever Eat ANYTHING that makes YOUR stomach into a crime fighting Machine?

*Cant have broccoli and I will never touch a donut..too much sugar (last time I had one I almost passed out.)


  1. I have a stomach of steel when it comes to veggies- my issue is having too much of them. I get pretty sick if I have a ton of roasted brussels sprouts!

  2. roasted brussel sprouts sound gOOD! you are one lucky lady lol! I am going to have to start a roasting !!

  3. Oh dear, sorry about Rambo and his friend having a party in your stomach, but I'm glad you're feeling better today. Water chestnuts give my stomach a hard time, but boy do I love them.

  4. Oh no. Sorry to hear about your broccoli attack. That's my fav - all roasty and toasty with garlic though. Glad you are feeling better today and it's so nice to "meet" you!

  5. I get that also....I have to steam them or roast them....no more raw for me neither,only carrots!

  6. I get it if I mix veges and eggs together, not a fun thing.

  7. I love raw broccoli! Something that doesn't sit too well on my tummy are cooked carrots...gross!

  8. anne-ya i am not a huge fan on cooked carrots either. I have to agree with u gross!

  9. you can't eat broccoli??? that is just crazy! I LOVE it. You could eat cauliflower, I think they are basically the same, haha :)
    P.S. I need a header designer also, haha :) But if you want to shoot me an email with any ideas that you have, I can see if I can make it!

  10. You can't eat broccoli? That makes me so sad for you! :(
    Lately, I have days when just eating makes my stomach go nuts. But I don't know what sets me off. And I'm not about to stop eating. So I just deal with it. *sigh*
    Hope you have a good workout tonight!

  11. hey miss Krystal I will email you some ideas ; ) thanks for thinking of me!

    Irritable mother-lol thanks for the cry i am truly sad as well!!!


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