Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 5 completed

And what a morning!

 My Husbands alarm was well going off at like normal...
(normal means around 5:20)

That is my NOISE call for WAKE UP get your BUTT out of BEd and WORK it!

So as i ROlled out of BED threw on my work out gear...

and turned on the coffee Pot  I Glanced and SAW the MICROWavE

4:25 AM!!!!!
Who has the alarm set that early???

Oh WEll I still DID it.

I worked out a good 1 hour burned 130 calories

and hated EVERY minute of it.

; )

I was able to get up though make breakfast kiss the hubby away, get the lunches packed and well without yelling WERE LATE!!!

it felt good.

How about you what time do you wake up?

*Normally 5:20 for me not by choice but its my husbands time.

Look We having a NEW heath Food STORE yahooo!

I love Trader Joes but still sometimes its good to see what other deals are out there!

where do you shop?


  1. I shop trader's got all what i need!
    wow.........too early for me to get up...I get up at 6...and that seems early to me!

  2. Nothing like being up before the rest of the world is even considering the possibility of getting out of bed. 'course that's the best way to see some great sunrises.

  3. hahha true Marka!!! I will have to enjoy the sunrise next time...i think my eyes were too glued shut yest!

    Tanya- 6 is early thats just the normal lol!


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