Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 1

Let me STart WITH a QUICK pICture...

Okay as most girls DO...
I cover just about ever side of me ...when I am not comfortable (which yayayayaya i know we should love ourselfs NO MATTER what!) well I do!!!! but it does not mean I have to LOVE my parts I am trying to PART ways with right??

I am looking forward to Blogging about all mY heathly (and bad choices..) over this NExt YEAR with all you followers!

(wait i have no followers right now...)
BUT with you future followers

: )

(if you might have seen this face before....i use to have a blog called but since my PC was at all failure and it caught soo many virus....I had to stop going on it : (


  1. Sounds like a great joruney and with your positive attitude I'm sure you will do it!


"Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say “Are you gonna drink that?”