Monday, January 31, 2011

darn girl scouts!

Who is on a "Health" choice life style...and has a Girl Scout??

This is just mean. (94 boxes of mean to be exact!!)
(as I ate my frozen yogurt with no toppings my husbando and kiddos enjoyed theirs with cookies on top)

But will POWER!!!
I did it I went through the whole weekend with out touching ONE cookie!

; )
YAY mee!

On the upside I didn't work out this morning but I did workout this weekend a WHOLE lot! so I deserved the rest this am.

ANd what BETTER waY to start your MORninG than getting a perfect LUNCh made for your work day..
TO start...
(see that 110 calories! starting off good..)

Then I added some..Feta Cheese and some CUCUMBER HUMMUS
and this is when my pictures went down the drain...

LOL! I took sO many PICTURES like this!!!! I don't know if its because i was on about a POT of COFFEE but WOW did I move with SPEED this MORNING! It was not until I sat down to send to my PC that I noticed my Quick photos!

: )

I WIll have to slow down and upload some pics this afternoon when I get it out of the fridge because

What a Great LUNCH

Fresh Veggies and ALL!


What do you LOVE to eat for LUNCH?? and WHat was the MOST exciting thing you did this weekend??
* I played tennis with the family, and I love to have soup for lunch YUMM!!!


  1. breakfast is my favorite....
    I love those ww pitas...they taste so good...I make pizzas out of them!I first bake them until crisp in the oven, then top them was sause,garlic ,black beans and a huge amount of spinch on top and bake them for a few more minutes!

  2. YUM that sounds great and my kiddos would love to make those with me!!! Thanks Tanya!

  3. A big YAY to you for not touching those cookies. Now that's will power right there. I love having some kind of wrap for lunch. Sometimes even dinner too. Have a wonderful day!

  4. thank you loL! IT was SO HARD! i am learning how to make differnt ones so i can see myself having one for dinner to sometime soon! they are SO good!

  5. Those cute little diet sabotage-rs. ha

    I bought so many boxes and now I wait to see if I can avoid the urge.


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