Thursday, January 20, 2011

Can I staRt Today?

Lets JUST Say "Life" Yesterday got in the way....

After Tuesdays Allergy HIVE attack My little ONE had to stay home and rest on Wednesday...which for ME was a


: )

Well WE mom's know HOw those days turn out...

Cleaning, laundry, catering, then of course cleaning again, picking up school age kiddos etc....

(Who Really calls it a day off?)

Here is Kiddo #2 sleeping...after her meds...(Lucky it didn't have the HYPER side Effect)
(poor baby)

BEsiDES me counting MY Cleaning as Exercising Yesterday i DID pretty WELL with MY food!

AND TODAY I Started OFF With..
(YUMMY.. I love how it comes in the right size...that's where my trouble is quantity!)

What is YOUR favorite BREAKFAST FOOD?

*Mine was..bagels! NOW its Cottage Cheese!


  1. Glad to see you back to blogging!

  2. I like cottage cheese as its full of protein and keeps me with the good fats also...almonds.
    aww your daughter looks so sweet:)

  3. Thanks Amander!!! Glad i can read your posts again! its nice to be back!
    Yes cottage cheese helps fill me, i do love almonds as snacks!!!!

  4. Hey Brittany,

    Glad to see you back blogging again! Welcome back! I see you have a new blog as well, looking good. Sorry to hear about your daughter not feeling too well. Breaks a Mom's heart :( Hope she feels better real soon. Hope you guys had a happy new year and great Christmas.
    By the way, I did finally get a chance to blog about that award you made me. Just wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciated it.

  5. : ) HEY MISS!! glad to be back too! SOO happy to read your blog too!!! YAHOO!


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